My name is Gloria Touchet, and I am a Las Vegas Photographer specializing in underwater photography. I am best known for my creative, dramatic, and artful portraits in Underwater Maternity, Boudoir, Underwater Competitive Swimmers, and Seniors portrait photography.

My private studio and pool are located in the Vegas’ Southern Highlands neighborhood, just minutes from the strip, but you’ll feel like you’re in a whole different world, as our studio backs up to a picturesque desert landscape. Since 2016, my studio served clients based in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. In 2019 I juggled two locations, but in the summer of 2022, I made Vegas my full-time studio location. Occasionally, I travel for photoshoots.

I love what I do!


In 1992, I loved photography, but I hated the process. Back then, there were only film cameras. Unlike most photographers, I hate the smell of the dark room. I also did not like sending my rolls of film away, as it took so long and only to be disappointed that the roll of 35 photos only yielded 5 mediocre images. Let’s not forget about the cost. It would be safe to say that I didn’t understand my camera, film, or lighting, yep, I sucked!

It wasn’t until the age of digital cameras that my love for photography was captivated. I was gifted a Canon Rebel. The sound of the shutter rapidly clicking during my kid’s sporting events was a natural high. It felt like I had a Canon 1DX in my hands. As ridiculous as it is to say out loud, I felt like a pro, before I even knew what that was. What was certain, was that I was hooked! I loved the immediate gratification of seeing my work. I found myself researching, watching videos, soaking in knowledge wherever I could, and becoming more and more familiar with challenging myself in trying new techniques and mastering my camera.

This hobby, found itself in my everyday job while working in the luxury hotel industry. You name it I was capturing it: hotel guest rooms, cuisine, events, silent auction items, headshots, etc.

At the start of 2016, I took the leap of faith and opened my Bay Area studio. I shot every genre of photography from hotels, products, newborns, weddings, etc. And I was miserable. I hadn’t found what I loved to photograph, then a fellow photographer, on the other side of the country, shared in a mutual Facebook wedding group, that he was going to leave to only pursue underwater photography for competitive swimmers. I knew I had to ask him more. After several hours of soaking up his knowledge, I knew I needed to try this new genre of photography. My youngest son was a swimmer. I knew the swim life. I wanted to take it a step further by adding a creative element for women, as well as showcase swimming as an art form. Unlike topside photography gear, underwater is much more expensive and not logical to rent. As a kid, my summers were spent on the shores of Lake Berryessa in the Napa Valley. I was a natural in the water. It was my happy place, so I invested in the gear without guaranteeing that I would be any good at it or even like it.

That first shoot was amazing and I knew that was it. And the rest is kind of history. Underwater photography allows me to inject my creativity by capturing grace, beauty, movement, strength, and athletic ability and I'm getting a tan at the same time. What more could I ask for?


Specifically, my clients are preggos and their spouse or partner, Brides, Daring Divas, Competitive Swimmers, and Seniors in High School and College. As a woman of faith, I practice in life and work to show love and kindness to everyone. I am grateful to have photographed many from all walks of life. My clients are discerning. You appreciate having an experience uniquely yours. You love photography and invest in existing beautifully in photographs.


My style is described as powerful, theatrical, and imaginative, and evokes emotion and romanticism, so if you’re looking for a photographer who is skilled in creating something uniquely yours then Gloria Touchet Photography is the studio for you.


When I first started I was self-taught. It didn’t hurt that I have a natural eye. Now that I was open for business, I invested in boot camps, in-person courses, and online courses so that I would be learning from some of the most influential, technically sound and successful photographers: Susan Stripling, Jerry and Melissa Ghionis, Sue Bryce, Two Mann, Aaron Nace (Photoshop), Rob Greer (SEO), etc. With each portrait session, I have a mini-version of these experts. I’m replaying their nuggets of wisdom, so it’s second nature, while playing close attention to the raw emotion, technical, lightening, composition and injecting my style.


Our studio is 300 square feet and includes a courtyard. Our backyard includes our pool which is a little over 5’ in-depth and provides plenty of space for underwater maternity or competitive swimmers to showcase their skills or beauty. Our backyard backs up, so we have immediate access to a picturesque desert oasis. Our studio is used for consultations, previewing, ordering sessions, and boudoir portrait sessions. Our studio is available by appointment only.


I have been blissfully married since 2001 to my adoring husband Scott. Corny sounding or not, he’s my everything! Every joy in life includes time with our adult children Jordan, Katrice, and Wyatt. We are dog people. Traveling the world includes my favorite place in London (so far). Many evenings, I’m in search of finding those secret holes in the walls that have grub to die for. When I’m bored, you can find me binge-watching TV shows (“Make it a Beth pour”… if you know, you know). My drink of choice when sitting by an evening desert fire is bourbon, but if I’m trying to get the party started, it’s a splash or two of some smooth tequila. While I can’t deny my roots, having grown up in the mecca of wine country, Napa Valley, I savor perfectly paired dinners by drinking a crisp sparkling wine or a complex red. In my spare time, the mountains call my hiking boots while propagating succulents keep me grounded in the garden (it’s the only type of plant that I haven’t killed yet). These are the things I love most.


My closest friends and family call me: “crazy, fierce, boisterous, wild, passionate, loving, honest, independent, strong, playful, impassioned and controlling”. And they would be right! I am full throttle, always. Fun (not funny says my husband). Sarcastic as hell. I live by this saying “You can rest when you’re dead”. In translation, my passionate energy, at every step of the process, before, during, and after your portrait session is always focused on personally extending exceptionally genuine service and an experience uniquely yours.


Do I photograph other genres? Yes, but my clients have to be amazingly fun, and kind, value the time needed to create, willing to invest in wardrobe and getting dolled up. If you meet these criteria, I would love to photograph… your wedding, newborn, headshots, and such.


Are you ready to artistically capture your pregnancy, graduation, love of self, or love of water? Contact me now.