As an underwater, portrait, sports and event photographer serving the San Francisco Bay Area (and the world, YES, I love to travel), I am versatile and love shooting various genres.

  • With portraits, I’m known for helping clients feel relaxed in front of my camera, giving them a little guidance on “things to do”, so the images we create look timeless and genuine.

  • With sports, I am known for capturing unique perspectives, grit, physicality, execution of technique and the personality of the athlete, both on land and underwater!

  • With special events, I put into play everything in my arsenal, as I am focused on the quality of light and shadow, how it creates drama and texture, all the while anticipating moments, and being mindful of the energy for the event, and patiently chronicling how friends, family and attendees interact with each other.

  • Lastly, one of my favorite genres to shoot is underwater photography. Wow, this incorporates everything I love creativity by capturing grace, beauty, movement, strength, athletic ability and I'm getting a tan at the same time. What more could I ask for?

Whether it’s a milestone in your life, a special event, personal branding or just a day in your life, I want to create portraits that you will love years to come. It is my goal to evoke that raw emotion when you see the images we create from laughter, tears, excitement, pride, etc.!

Wherever you are, if you are looking for a photographer who is focused on capturing you in the most beautiful way, who provides exceptional service and who has a love for life and infectious energy, then I would love to work with you!


My journey in photography started 27 years ago, when my oldest son, Jordan, was born, back in the film days. I actually did not like those film days, because of cost and length of time it took to receive images back. I also did not like the dark room (very sensitive to smells). However when the age of digital cameras came around, I was hooked, as I loved the gratification of immediately seeing my work after capturing!

From then until now, I was predominantly in the luxury hospitality industry. Although my hospitality career launched in the beautiful Napa Valley, my hometown, I called several resorts home like: Meadowood, Napa Valley, I opened the Villagio Inn & Spa and represented its sister hotel the Vintage Inn. My last position held was as a Director of Catering for the beautiful Claremont Resort & Spa in Berkeley. During my times in the luxury hospitality industry, I found myself being asked to capture images for the hotel guest rooms, meeting rooms, cuisine, headshots for executive team, special events and the list goes on. For my social catering clients, brides and grooms, parents for bar and bat mitzvahs and corporate events were all my favorites to work with in creating a truly memorable and unique event experience. It is all these experiences that has provided me with ability to start my photography business in early 2016.


As a woman of faith, I strive to love all, show kindness and be of service to everyone I meet, as if I am serving Him! My amazing husband Scott of almost 20 years and our fabulous children Jordan, Katrice and Wyatt, would all say I’m crazy, loud, over-the-top, the life of the party and genuine… and they would not be wrong. My yorkie Chulo would say I love him the most, except I do not like his doggie kisses... he's a licker. He is the CEO of Gloria Touchet Photography. All important decisions are passed by him. I find the best times to go over things are when he is in his miniature chaise lounge, lying on his back, snoring, which is most of the time. He hates being in front of the camera, unless I am setting up the home studio for a photoshoot, then he wants to be in the mix of supervising where the backdrops go.


As a photographer working for myself gives me so much joy, as I get the opportunity to work with some fabulous people! My clients are driven mamas doing it all, stay-at-home dads, happy babies, fun families, fiercely motivated high school, college and professional athletes, super cool teens, playful fur-babies, professionals who exude tremendous work ethic. The theme… they are all pretty awesome human beings with beautiful souls! And this is what gets me excited to work with them and you!