Why I love shooting weddings?

I love the cycle of emotions that a wedding day brings! It’s a blessing to preserve your day. Capturing those unseen moments, so that when you and your loved ones look back on this day, it should be transparent that your love, joy and laughter were seen and felt by all.

What’s your style?

For each part of the day there are different elements in style that take place. Always photojournalist and documenting moments as they unfold, while the formal family portraits will lend itself to more formal posing with connection, while bridal portraits, the couple and bridal party portraits may be more posed and stylized in a natural fun way. While details such as rings and flowers will be creatively captured like a product shoot. Whatever the segment of the day, my first priority is evaluating the availability and quality of light, shadow, texture, drama (or to create my own), followed by what trumps everything emotion and connection, then providing a setting or location.

What’s the difference in pricing from other photographers ?

When looking for a photographer, you will find a wide range of pricing, which is reflective in the experience, training, gear they use and products offered. I pride myself in using only the best and most expensive and professional camera gear. My experience working with brides and grooms has been extensive, as my luxury hospitality experience gave me a great foundation, as the Director of Catering. As a creative and professional, I am always learning. Specifically, I attend yearly workshops and have memberships to some of the top working world renowned photographers, so that my skillset continues to elevate. Lastly, the products I offer are of the highest quality in archival dyes vs pigments and professional photographic materials.

Why hire me?

Of all the vendors you will hire, your photographer will be the one you spend the most time with before, during and after your wedding day. As your photographer, I am excited to be your best investment! I am genuine, funny, task driven, creative, engages well with everyone, has a love for life and takes great pride in capturing beautiful images! You get 100% of everything that I am...

Personal consultation

We can meet in-person or via Skype. Your personal consultation, allows us to go over your current wedding plans and helps set the foundation on what we need to create beautiful images, answering questions, setting expectations and seeing the quality of our beautiful handcrafted products. Our time together typically takes about 1 hour.

Evening appointments

A few evenings a month, I do set aside for evening appointments for consultations and Reveal Sessions, please share your need and we can confirm the next available.

Engagements: What to wear? Where to take? When are they done?

After confirming your Engagement session, I will send you our Style Guide which will go into detail and suggest what to wear. Depending on you and your loves' hobbies and background, I will suggest a few locations for your engagement session. Engagement sessions are confirmed during week, typically 2-3 hours before sunset.

Travel and destination weddings

I love to travel for client weddings and engagement/proposal photoshoots. For portrait shoots, outside of Contra Costa County there is a $100 per hour travel fee. Destination events are charged for travel expenses and travel time away from the home studio.

How many hours of coverage do I need?

This will vary based on many variables. Do you have a grand exit? Can you work with my suggested timeline to maximize the flow for your reception? Is your ceremony and reception site in close proximity? Number of Guests? All these things and many more will be discussed at your personal consultation and review of your final timeline. An average wedding will confirm 8-10 hours worth of consecutive coverage. While more intimate weddings may only need 6 hours of coverage.

Do I need a 2nd shooter?

Most of the time, I shoot independently. Depending on the coverage needed, cultural guidelines that need to be respected, size of guest list or location of bride and groom's getting ready, then a 2nd shooter may be required.

Can you hold my date?

Your date is only held and confirmed once I have received your retainer and signed Agreement. In all fairness to everyone, we do not "pencil" in dates or give first right of refusal courtesy calls, as I never want you to feel like it's a sales pitch or used car salesman. I am confident that if you love the idea of having me as your photographer then you will know right away to move forward and confirm our services.

Next steps

You viewed our website and social media accounts. What’s next? Ask to receive our Wedding Proposal, which goes into more detail and shares specific pricing. Next, we will schedule a personal consultation to learn more about your wedding plans. Right after our consultation, I will send an electronic Agreement, which is due back with your retainer.


The non-refundable Retainer is 50% of the estimated costs. The Retainer and Agreement is due to confirm your wedding date.

Payment schedule

The forms of payment I accept are cash, Venmo, personal/company checks and credit cards. Credit cards do incur a 3% service fee.

Parents paying can they sign Agreement?

Payments may be made from your parents, extended family, friends or event planners, however only the couple may sign the Agreement and are still financially responsible for the terms of the Agreement. All decisions about coverage is finalized with the couple.

Wedding Confirmation Packet

After details are finalized, I will send over our suggested Wedding Confirmation Packet to help you start creating that perfect timeline and share with your vendors how they can ensure what they do will influence the images we create for you. Additionally, it will have an important Questionnaire that will help prepare me and my team for working with your family, friends and hired Preferred Vendors.

Video services

A video team that understands the importance of working together, choosing the right lens selection, camera positioning and ebbing and flowing with your photography team is essential to ensuring that we both capture your day beautifully. I have a handful of Preferred Cinematographers that I recommend.

Rehearsal dinners

Coverage for your Rehearsal Dinner can be confirmed. Please see Digital Magazine for pricing.


Although outlined in detail in the Agreement, in the event of your wedding being cancelled, all retainers and monies paid thus far or that are due are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Cancellations must be received in writing. The Studio will send a cancellation letter, which will require your signature to confirm the cancellation.

Will you be there the day of the wedding?

When confirming our photography services, yes, I will be your main photographer.

What does the wedding day look like?

My assistant and I arrive extra early, about an hour, to our first location, just in case there's traffic, a tire blow-out, the unexpected, etc. If I have never shot there before, I will quickly evaluate the light and surroundings. Traditionally, before the contracted photography start time, we will then check-in about 15 minutes early. Settle in with our gear. Meet everyone and start shooting. My assistant will keep me on task with timing, lint brushes, giving me gear, taking care of gear, keeping me hydrated, he/she is my left and right arm, etc. We will go with the flow working as closely to the timeline as we can given the elements the day gives us. We tirelessly work to create a fun, stress-free and effortless day for you. We provide reminders and make notes if there are any big changes. As each segment of the day unfolds, we "check-in", give reminders to refresh lipstick, make sure you are drinking water or nibbling on food, etc. If we move from one location to the next, we take a quick bathroom break. When you are served dinner is when we eat. Trust me when I say that no one looks cute eating, except maybe a baby. As you will be the first ones served, we will ask the venue to also ensure our meals are ready, so when you are done and ready to start going to visit with your guests, we are ready to resume coverage too. About 20 minutes before coverage time is suppose to end, I will check in with you to see if there are any other photos you would like captured with anyone or ask if you would like us to provide you with overtime. For your convenience, all overtime is invoiced and due after your return from your honeymoon. If no overtime is needed, then I will say our good-byes then and I will continue shooting until the commencing end coverage time, which we will packet up and quietly slip away.


My trusty assistant is my saving grace! He/she will be my right and left hand and present with me throughout the whole day. They will keep me on track for my timeline. They assist with moving my gear and keep me happy with drinks and snacks. They too interact with your guests and family for portraits. At times, they also take some behind the scenes video and still images. They are not a second shooter.

Eating and breaks

Given the nature of needing to be readily available and not miss any coverage by leaving your venue, we do ask that you provided a vendor meal for everyone on our team for coverage that exceeds six hours.

Do you take formal family photos? How long do formals last?

We absolutely believe family formals are a must! We have recommended clusters. This is the only part of the day that we ask you to ensure to provide us with a shot list. Family formals are done immediately following the ceremony, as everyone will be present. Please keep in mind that based on the size of each cluster your family formals can take 3-5 minutes for each clustering. For example, if you had 10 clusters you easily can take just 50 minutes for family formals. Along with my assistant, we ask that you assign someone from your bridal party to help with wrangling and recognizing family and special guests.

Shot List

Your family formals is the only shot list we will work from. In order to tell your story, I need the flexibility to naturally observe and capture what is taking place, otherwise, by going off a list, then I will miss moments. Thank you for trusting me.

Terrible weather

Mother Nature has a mind of her own. For your once in a lifetime event, I am there, but my gear needs to stay protected. Always have a Plan B in place for wet weather. Hot weather has challenges of it's own with your older members and flowers also take a beating. A back-up indoor plan for family formals is a must.

Unplugged wedding

You are encouraged to announce in your invitations, signage at the ceremony, reiterate in the wedding program and have the officiant make a final announcement just before the ceremony is to start to have your guests go unplugged. This will accomplish two big things: first it will alleviate having an uncle or friend pop in front of my camera and block the must capture moment like jumping in the aisle just before "the kiss", but more importantly it allows your friends and family to truly experience being in the moment of your wedding and not seeing it through a 2x4 screen, lastly, that's why you are hiring a professional photographer. Absolutely, no one may be present for your couples portrait session. Your family and friends are welcome to bring out their cameras and phones for the reception, dinner and dancing, as long as they give me the courtesy and space I need to do my job.

Running late and overtime

Sometimes, as well planned as things can be set, things happen and your timeline is running late. As our coverage is continuous, no worries, we can absolutely stay later. The overtime will be invoiced and due immediately upon return of your honeymoon.

After the wedding… What’s next

Within (72) hours, I will release a Sneak Peek Video on our social media accounts, which you may share and repost. This 60 second video will highlight some of my favorite images from your wedding. Four weeks from your wedding, we will confirm your Reveal Session. You first look at your entire gallery. Your wedding album will also be Pre-designed and ready. Selections for your album will be made at this Reveal Session. Please reserve up to 2 hours for your Reveal Session.


Your images will be culled, edited and ready for your first peek four weeks from your wedding date. If you would like expedited turnaround, please make the request. Pricing and availability to turnaround will vary based on current Studio workload already confirmed and genre of photography and editing needed. Just ask for a quote and share your deadline.

How many photos will I receive?

There is not a guaranteed # of photos, as there are several factors that contribute to this: the number of guests, the ceremonial formalities of the ceremony, reception, dinner scheduled ie cake cutting, sparkler exits, special dances, # of speeches, dancing, the energy of the guests, the length of photography coverage, etc. A range per hour is 25-125 images per hour, with an average of 100. Again, this figure can go higher or lower.


After your wedding, I will cull through all the images taken and only edit and deliver images that fall in line with our studio style. Images selected for editing are properly exposed, great composition, beautiful emotion, open eyes, etc. Outtakes are never available for viewing and may include similar or duplicates, closed eyes, blurry, under/over exposed, someone walking in front of the camera, etc.

Editing style

All images will receive a global edit which is to ensure proper exposure and color toning. Any image that is printed or placed in the wedding album will receive an additional stylized studio edit. The studio’s stylized retouching is done by hand, such blemishes, stray hairs, dodging and burning, removal of exit signs, at the Studio’s discretion and in line with Studio's artistic styling.

Reveal session

At your Reveal Session, you will view your edited images and gallery. At this time, you may order prints and various mediums. Albums are pre-designed and finalized at the Reveal Session.

Pre-wedding album design

Your wedding album will be pre-designed to tell the story of your wedding. This may mean that the number of spreads (left and right side) will be greater than the # of album spreads originally contracted. You may elect to keep the # of spreads contracted or you may elect to purchase more spreads. You buy what you love!

Private online downloading gallery

After the Reveal Session, you will receive a link to your private online viewing gallery. You may print extra prints directly from here or you may also share the link with friends and family for them to print additional prints. Once the final wedding album design has been approved, then digital images will be released from this online gallery. You will be able to download directly from this gallery.

Black and white

Some images may be presented only in black and white, while other images may only be presented in color.


The previewing gallery does have our watermark to prevent screenshots and ensuring you get the best resolution, upon downloading all images will not have our logo.


As the creator of the images, I always keep the copyright. What I do release is the use for you to personally online and for you to have a print release.

Ordering prints

You may conveniently order prints at your Reveal Session or from your online previewing gallery or by calling us.

Digital files

We are a full service Studio and can provide you with all your printing needs. For portrait sessions, every purchased print will receive it’s matching digital image which is optimized for sharing on social media. All weddings and special events will receive high resolution digital images. Please note for high resolution digital images, you may print outside of our Studio, but we do not guarantee the coloring and final product not printed from our Studio.

Social media

I would love for you to share the images created. Thank you for ensuring credit, tagging and backlinking. For sharing on social media: @gloriatouchetphotography. If you share on any websites, please credit and link back to my website. If you share them in print, please add print credit Gloria Touchet.

Storage of digital files

You will have (30) days to download your images. Archived images can be reloaded for a fee. Your gallery will be archived for up to a year.


For engagements and formal bridal portraits, aside from your wedding ceremony and reception venue, may require a permit, which must be obtained by the couple.


I absolutely carry liability, E&O and equipment replacement insurance. If your venue requires a Certificate of Insurance, please provide use with at least two months notice for processing.

Our Gear

As a Canon shooter, I use only the most expensive and professional camera gear. There are several redundancies I take for back-up. For example, bringing two camera bodies. Lenses with overlapping focal lengths. Camera bodies that only support the ability to record two memory cards, just in case one get corrupt. Recording to 64 and 128MB memory cards alleviating removing memory cards from camera bodies and possibly losing cards. Or if cards are removed they stay on my person at all times until downloaded at my home studio that evening.

What do you charge?

You can easily receive our Wedding Digital Magazine, which provide details on our services by simply contacting me.