What type of portraits do I shoot?

As I love variety and the unique skillset needed for different types of shoots, I shoot many genres, specifically: Underwater (Maternity, Baby & Me, Swimming and Senior Portraits), Engagements, Proposals, Boudoir, Wedding, Family, Maternity, Newborn, Birth and Delivery, Senior Portraits, Sports, Personal Branding/Headshots, Corporate Holiday Parties and Special Events.

Evening appointments

Life is crazy busy for many clients, so I do set aside evening appointments to schedule your consultations and Reveal Sessions, please share your need and I can confirm the next available evening appointment.

Studio Location

For your convenience, I come to you, as I shoot on-location, or in the comfort of your home, or at your corporate headquarters or your rented hotel suite.


Traveling for client’s events and photoshoots is very common. For portrait shoots, outside of Contra Costa County there is a $100 per hour travel fee. Destination events are charged for total travel time out of the studio and travel expenses.


Typically weekends are reserved weddings and for time with my family, and during the football season, you will find me screaming my head off at an Oakland Raider game. If your booking is last minute (within two weeks), I might be able to squeeze you in. There is a weekend charge of $300 for weekend portrait session.

Next Steps

You're excited, so what's next!! You viewed our website, social media accounts and digital magazine. Contact us to schedule a personal consultation to share more about your event or photoshoot and we will start planning the details. Right after our consultation, I will send an electronic Agreement, which is due back with your retainer. Your dates/times are final when the Agreement and Retainer are received. Afterwards, I will send over our Style Guide to help you prepare for photoshoot or suggested Timeline for your event.

Stylized Shoots

Are you excited about an outfit, idea, theme, location, or want to include elements like fire, smoke, dry ice, milk baths, etc.? Yes, I LOVE going down the rabbit hole. During our consultation is the time for you to share those ideas and to start planning your shoot.

Wardrobe and Style Guide

After we confirm your session. Our Style Guide will prepare you for your photoshoot, based on the type of shoot. It will be sent to you electronically. It gives advice on wardrobe, suggestions on coordinating clothes vs matching outfits, skin, waxing, haircuts, hair coloring, tanning, drinking water, not drinking other stuff, getting lots of sleep, robes to alleviate lines on skin (boudoir), we go into detail about having timeless clothing, less commercial decals, style or trendy items, comfy clothes, outfits, color and pattern of clothes, cut of clothes, as this matters for Personal Branding, your position and company culture, jewelry, layering, prepping your clothes, etc. Additionally, it's not uncommon for clients to text me pics while they shop.


We send our Agreements electronically, so you can easily review and sign directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


The Retainer is the portrait photoshoot session fee. The Retainer for events is 50% of the estimated costs. The Retainer and the signed Agreement are due to confirm your event/shoot date.


For events, the payment schedule is the remaining 25% at (90) days, then the final balance (30) days before the event. I accept cash, Venmo, personal/company checks and credit cards. Credit cards do incur a 3% service fee. All product orders are payment in full at time of placing the order.

Glam Squad

Most of our photoshoots, our clients love being pampered and looking extra special, by having one of our trusted and talented hair and make-up artists provide hair and make-up services. Based on your length of hair and extent of make-up, a typical service is $125 per person. I take care of all those details in booking the glam squad for and you pay them directly at the time of the service. Some have you go to their salon, while others do travel to your home.

What happens at the shoot?

Each genre is different, but there's a constant that is the same... as I ask you to bring tremendous positive energy with you! This will be reflected in the images we create and capture. An assistant is typically with me, handing gear, keeping it safe, helping me with adjusting your clothes, adjusting hair, blowing air, keeping me on time, taking behind the scene images and video, etc. Arrive early, so we can start right as planned to maximize our time. I will start with some general instruction and throughout each setting, wardrobe change, etc. I will guide you through some things... if you're doing it naturally, then I let you go, otherwise, I will redirect you. At the end of our shoot, we will confirm your Reveal Session date, which is two weeks for portrait sessions, one week for personal branding and four weeks for events.

Other People

We ask that your friends and family who are not invited to our location, but think it's a great idea to invite them to meet up with you after the photoshoot. Your undivided attention and energy will help us maximize our time together. Many people may not realize they get nervous in front of people they know.

Being Late

It happens, but the moment you know you’re going to be late, please call or text me right away. As I want you focused on our shoot, just relax, drive safely and when you get to our shoot location, we will get started right away. Keep in mind that it will cut into our session time. However, if you’re over 30 minutes late, then your session is considered a cancellation and processed as such.

How long

Engagements, Proposals, Family, Senior Portraits, Maternity take up to 2 hours. Newborn up to 4 hours. Underwater sessions are 1 hour. Personal branding offers 1-3 hours sessions with multiple changes in wardrobe and studio and lifestyle settings.


Every woman has her reason for wanting a boudoir session. Maybe it’s for yourself. Maybe you want to give a beautiful, personal and sultry gift for your loved one on your wedding day or maybe it’s their birthday. Maybe you have reached a personal milestone. Whatever your reason, I will guide you through each step from selecting your wardrobe, creating a theme for each look, to understanding how you want to be photographed, selecting the perfect location, to the final creation whether it’s a beautiful oversized print or handcrafted album. This genre is probably one of my very favorites, as I help woman of all ages and shapes to love and honor themselves just as they are, where they’ve come from and what they want.


A great time to start scheduling your photoshoot is between 25-32 weeks of pregnancy, or whenever you are feeling great and have a beautiful bump showing. We provide both a traditional portrait session in a natural outside setting, your home, studio style setting, as well as, a fun underwater portrait session, or both!


Your session window is booked based on your due date with a two-week window on both sides. The best time for newborn portraits is within the first 14 days of your newborn coming into the world. Babies are most sleepy and flexible. Typically, I recommend days 2-8 days after birth. A typical shoot can take up to 4 hours, as we take time to nurse, bottle feed, diaper changes, etc. Shoots are scheduled from 9am-1pm and are done in the comfort of your home. If you miss this newborn window of within 14 days, let’s still schedule a family session, as there’s other sweet photographs we can capture, but just not the sleepy posed newborn shots.


Family portrait sessions are typically shot 2-3 hours before sundown, considered the golden hours or early mornings. I love furbabies and other pets (that can take direction) and they are certainly welcomed to be photographed as part of the family shoot. Pets that are not being photographed are asked to kept at home or in a separate area to ensure equipment is not knocked over and damaged.

Personal Branding/Head Shot

This is your identity to the world! I offer a studio setting or lifestyle setting. Our collections vary with length of time and # of images. I can also come to your company headquarters. Every so often, I work with the local chamber and offer a pop-up headshot station. This is very abbreviated experience, which helps the chamber reconnect with its members, but giving them an excuse to come on by.

Too HOT, Too COLD, Terrible Weather

Mother Nature has a mind of her own. If we are shooting an underwater shoot and it’s expected to have thunder and lighting, then our shoot is for sure cancelled. If it’s a once in a lifetime event, I am there, but provisions for wet weather, back-up for family formals will have to be accounted for, so always have a Plan B. If we’ve schedule a family photoshoot in the summer and it’s over 100… we will reschedule. The Studio will be evaluating the weather up to 24 hours prior and make the final call. We all want great energy and being too hot, wet, cold or windy never lends to that positive equation. Under these circumstances, this is not considered a traditional cancellation.


For events, all images a global edit which is to ensure proper exposure and color toning. All portrait session images will receive this, plus the studio’s stylized retouching, based on the type of genre too. These images are retouched by hand, such as flaky skin, bruising, blemishes, evening out red faces or hands, stray hairs, dodging and burning and more. Images that are printed will also receive further refined studio editing such as removal of exit signs, cords and such, at the Studio’s discretion and artistic styling.

Turn-Around for Images

For special events, your images will be culled, edited and ready for your first peek four weeks from your event date. Weddings and birthdays will also receive a Sneak Peek video, which will be posted from the Studio’s social media accounts and may be reposted and shared. The Sneak Peek will feature the Studio’s Top 10 images from the event and posted within 72 hours of the event. For portrait sessions, your images will be ready within two weeks from your photoshoot. Images are first seen at your Reveal Session. Personal Branding/Headshots will receive an unedited contact sheet within 48 hours. Final Personal Branding/Headshot images selected are then edited and delivered within one week. All genres can request an expedited turnaround on delivery of images. Pricing will vary based on current Studio work already confirmed and genre of photography and editing needed. Just ask for a quote and share your deadline.

Reveal Session

The Reveal Session is your first look at your images. All Reveal Session are done in person, except those clients who live out of town, then a Skype session is confirmed. At your Reveal Session, you will view your edited images and gallery. At this time your order for prints and various mediums will be made. Albums are pre-designed and finalized at the Reveal Session.

Digital Images

We are a full service Studio and can provide you with all your printing needs. Every purchased print or medium will receive it’s matching digital image which is optimized for sharing on social media. All special events will receive high resolution digital images. Please note for high resolution digital images, you may print outside of our Studio, but we do not guarantee the final product not printed with our Studio.

Sharing Images

Yes, I would love for you to share the images created on your social media accounts. Thank you for ensuring credit, tagging and back-linking. For sharing on social media: @gloriatouchetphotography. If you share on any websites, please credit gloriatouchet.com and link back to my website. If you share them in print, please add print credit Gloria Touchet Photography.

Prints & Products

Our studio is a full service studio. I believe in printing the work we created to make your house feel like a home. Our studio provides various mediums from Canvas, Metals, Acrylic and so much more to fit your personal style. With every print confirmed you will receive it's matching digital image which is optimized to share on social media.